Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen (Englische version)

  1. The agreement requires both sides to comply with the provisions mentioned in the agreement.
  2. It is intended solely as a rented holiday home. Permanent occupation is not permitted without consultation and contract by both parties signed supplement to the agreement.
  3. Departure time is at 10.00 a.m. or with agreement of the landlord ultimately at 13.00 p.m. Arrival time on the day of arrival from 16.00 p.m. Unless, only in consultation and with the written consent of the landlord, at different times.
  4. At the end of the rental period, the keys must be returned to the landlord or left in the property. The landlord is permitted at all times to inspect the house.
  5. It is prohibited to make open fire on the terrace or garden.
  6. Pets are permitted only in consultation and with the written consent of the landlord and the presence may not cause direct nuisance or danger to residents or visitors to the urbanization or park. Dogs must be leashed.
  7. Waste containers can be found next to the park along the road.
  8. Tenant is not allowed to make sound at a high volume to continue in such a way that this directly affects local residents who might suffer as a result.
  9. Tenant must behave as a prudent man.
  10. Standard use of 130 KWh electricity per week is included. At a consumption above 100 kWh per week will be € 0,25 per kWh with the bail deposit or bond deducted if there is a meter into the house.
  11. Tenant is not allowed to make any changes to the property or possessions to implement.
  12. Tenant is required to inform the landlord in case of fraction of pottery or any injury to be replaced before departure.
  13. Tenant is responsible for loss of keys and / or remote control of the garage, which were handed over at the beginning of the rental period. In case of loss of keys and or remote control, the cost of the keys and the remote control and labor to replace will be paid in cash by the tenant.
  14. Tenant shall secure when leaving the house that the sunscreen/ shutter is closed and the doors are locked. We strongly advise to close the blinds and fencing when you leave the property.
  15. The landlord is not liable for the consequences of intrusion and loss of personal property.
  16. The landlord is not liable for any damages, in whatever form, by tenants incurred in or around the house, and in the park and the communal pool.
  17. The landlord has the right to reject tenants when more people come as agreed.
  18. The landlord is not responsible for cancellation of electrical devices but just for repairs.

Payment terms
The deposit is 25% of the total rent and must 8 days after the reservation to be fulfilled. Remainder of the rent must be paid no later than 8 weeks before your stay and rental period. For bookings within 8 weeks before your stay, the full rental amount must be paid at once. The booking is only confirmed when the deposit or rent landlord has on his behalf.

Payment only by bank can be done to: K.P.M. Bekker to ING bank BIC: INGBNL2A and IBAN: NL03 ABNA 0623 5909 05 with the name of the rented property. Your payment copy of this lease is your booking confirmation.

Cancellation terms
* For cancellation up to 3 months before arrival 25% cancellation fee.
* If you cancel 3 months to 2 months before arrival 35% cancellation fee.
* If you cancel 2 months to 1 month before arrival 60% cancellation fee.
* If you cancel 1 month to 14 days before arrival 80% cancellation fee.
* If canceled up to 14 days to arrival date a cancellation fee of 100%.

Bond or bail deposit terms
The bail deposit will be returned within 1 week in your bank account after review and possible settlement of damage, breakage or missing goods or when the house is not properly left behind.
We ask you to leave the house properly so that the next tenants can enter the property from 16.00 h, and put the used towels and bed linen in the washing machine.

We advise you a cancellation insurance. Any cancellation should always be in writing. We advise the tenant to have a Liability Insurance. We strongly advise you to take out cancellation insurance and to send a copy of the front page of the policy to us. Any cancellations must be made by immediately be confirmed in writing to the landlord.