Swirling coastal town on the Costa Blanca (Spain) Torrevieja (Valencian: Torrevella, means the old Tower) is a seaside resort located on the Mediterranean coast, more specifically on the Costa Blanca, 41 km south of Alicante in Spain. Torrevieja is the perfect holiday resort in South-East Spain. It is a 30 km², owns about 20 km of coastline and has more than 91,000 inhabitants. Torrevieja is a long tract known for its beautiful beaches and salt marshes where there is also a lot of flamingos in stop. The boulevard is very cozy and has a lot of restaurants. Nice place to you to pull back with a cup of coffee is at the small taverns around the Cathedral.


Murcia is a city with history, but with a very modern character. The city is also known for its innovation and creativity. Between the historical buildings you can find special architectural delights. Murcia offers many culture and beautiful faces. Murcia is known for the many bridges over the River, take a walk along the various bridges and be surprised by the many diverse styles.

Mud Bath San Pedro Del Pinatar

San Pedro del Pinatar is located on the Mar Menor, a Salt Lake on the Costa Blanca and owes its fame to the salt production and to the healing mud baths. On the beach of Lo Pagan you see during the summer months, people who are smearing with mud and then let it dry in the Sun. Then one proceeds in sea pools. The water contains a lot of iodine. People with joint problems or skin problems indicate that the complaints by these treatments.


A beautiful village with an unparalleled view of the surrounding area is Guadelest. The castle of Guadalest (El Castell de Guadalest) offers a nice insight into the life used to be on this unique place. From the Castle you get the beautiful views over the mountains, the Lake and the village itself.

Cuevas de Canalobre

This limestone caves are located in Busot a beautiful collection of irregularly shaped caves with stalactites and stalagmites.


Of all towns along the coast is certainly one of the most beautiful Altea. It then goes to the old town with the beautiful Virgin del Consuelokerk, the square in front of the Church (with a beautiful view over the city) and the white houses where a large number of art galleries in.

Castillo de Santa Bárbara

Most people who fly to the Costa Blanca Alicante see no more than the airport. Too bad, because the city itself is definitely worth a visit. The central point in the city is formed by the Explanada de España, a beautiful promenade which is surrounded by greenery. In Alicante is the Castillo de Santa Bárbara, a castle on the top of the Monte Benecantil. The castle is also accessible by elevator.

Huerto del Cura Elche

This Botanical Garden belongs to the best of its kind and is situated in the beautiful place Elche (Elx). A famous tree in the Palms park is the Imperial Palm. An overwhelming piece of nature in one piece interior of the Costa Blanca, forget the culture museum not to visit.

Penyal d’Ifac

Who runs and passes along the Costa Blanca Calpe which can not to this giant Cape. Enjoy views out over (Peñón de Ifach) towers with a height of over three hundred metres above the Mediterranean Sea. Who by a brisk walk means which can in more than an hour walk up. The ecological conditions on the rock are different from the rest of the Costa Blanca.De photographers suits this mountain early in the morning or late in the afternoon for the perfect picture.

‘Les Fonts de l`Algar’ waterfalls of Algar

It is there that the Algar River downward davert in great waterfalls cascade along rocks, those beautiful natural pools. Under the name ‘ Les Fonts de l’Algar ‘, is this whole area nature reserve and thus protected. Callosa is also an agricultural area where loquat is grown or nispera, the local yellow or orange fruits. Apart from the waterfalls there is even more to see in the nature reserve. Enjoy the lush Mediterranean flora and fauna. So there is an arboretum or trees garden, open to visitors. Comes the constant murmur of the falls that very relaxing … (Next to the falls is also a Dino park for the little ones)

Island of Tabarca

Tabarca is an island off the coast of Santa Pola and belongs to the province of Alicante. Tabarca is a narrow, 400 m wide and 1800 m long, island. The island is officially inhabited since 1768, before that it was especially in use by pirates who used the island as a hideout. The name was formerly known under the name “ilsa Plana” what ‘ flat island ‘ means, when in 1768 a group of 300 Genoese prisoners was sent, the island was renamed “isla Tabarca” to the island of Tabarka for Tunisia where the prisoners came from.

The island is easy to visit by boat. There goes a boat from Alicante and Santa Pola, the trip from the port of Santa Pola lasts 15 minutes and for the sailing enthusiast there is the boat from the port of Alicante out there 50 minutes.


Feeling lively city atmosphere? Alicante offers as Mediterranean city an excellent day trip. You can enjoy strolling in summer atmosphere, with a wide range of outdoor cafes and attractions! Walking by the Marina and please stop at the market stalls or street performers. The charming squares and historic buildings are beautiful to see in the old part of the city.

Discover the Barrio de Santa Cruz, a neighborhood that looks like a white village, and enjoy unique views from the mirador. Visit also the castle on top of the mountain! It is also very nice to eat or drink go in Alicante, with fantastic cocktail bars and a southern football atmosphere at the water.

By car, depending on traffic, in about an hour in Alicante from Torrevieja. With the Costa Azul bus might also.


The natural harbour is the most important naval station of Spain, with large modern docks, yards, an arsenal and a submarine and torpedo factory. Cartagena was as Carthago Nova in the 3rd century founded by the Carthaginian General Hasdrubal. In the Spanish civil war (1936 – 1939), she was until the very end in the hands of the Republican government. A visit to the city should begin at the port by Admiral Nelson was labeled as one of the safest of the Mediterranean. The Zeemuur, or Muralla del Mar, built by order of the Spanish King Charles III, runs along the Harbour and offers shelter to the old city centre. At the end of the wall to watch the original prototype of the submarine. The beautiful park “Parque de Torres” is only a few minutes ‘ walk from the Centre. Here you will find tranquility and a wonderful view of the city, the port and the surrounding area. The Church of Santa María Vieja, and the Castillo de la Concepción to ruin go back in Roman times. In the Archaeological Museum are finds from the Roman period and ceramics from Moorish times. Cartagena offers a beautiful architecture and has an extensive range of shops and good restaurants.

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Beach 200 metres

On the beach is 200 metres from the apartment. Also a nice restaurant where you can eat and drink.

La Mata Beach

A beautifully situated beach with boulevard, about a 15-minute drive from the apartment.

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Patio Andaluz

Typical Spanish dishes, just delicious.
Address: Carretera Torrevieja – Cartagena, 03185 Torrevieja, Alicante
Tel: +34 965 71 63 34

Old Asia

Asian restaurant with very competitive prices.
Address: Calle del Maestro Torralba 3 | “Zenia Golf” 8-9
La Zenia, Orihuela Costa
Tel: +34 966 77 30 16

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